To Guide you thru Divorce. To Guide you After...

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The Discovery, the Documents, the Details, and the Delays
The Discovery, the Documents, the Details, and the Delays

Our Consultation Meeting Plans

Option 1Initial Consultation, 30 minutesComplimentaryNo fee
Option 2One 2-Hour Meeting Time2-Hours$270
Option 3Smart Time7-Hours$770
Option 4Your Time Savings $$10-Hours$970

We provide resources of information, experience and guidance at a fraction of the cost. We have the potential to save you thousands. When in the journey of Divorce, we agree that the Lawyer leads the legal process. Yes, we honor the Lawyer. And we guide how-to select your best Attorney. We recommend hiring a Family Law Attorney.

But generally, we have found that a Lawyer often tends to keep a business-like professional distance. We know those professional rates add-up. Rely on the Lawyer for the Legal process. Call on The Smart Gal's Guide for valuable insight to control the costs. To explain how-to limit those financial losses. To guide how-to control those billable hours. How-to limit "The Tennis Game of Divorce." Learn smart ways to control the costly back and forth. To preserve the family nest-egg. No need to go solo.

We are The Smart Gal's Guide. Our Service Options are available to you thru in-person meetings or via private telephone appointments. We are here to think it thru with you. To make sure everything is considered.

To Guide you thru the Complexities. To Guide you thru Divorce. To Guide you After...


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Book Tour across America. Author Sara A.
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Although Divorce Buddys and "The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce" may provide information and opinions regarding the divorce process, Divorce Buddys and "The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce" do not provide professional legal, financial or mental health counseling.  Please consult a licensed professional for these matters.