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The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce

“What Lawyers don’t tell you.” 

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Sara A.

Co-Contributor: Sandra D.

In life, we all live and learn.
For most of us, of course, we never expected that life would bring us into the journey of divorce.
Unfortunately, sometimes, we find that divorce may come into our lives.
Sometimes, life brings change.

This is the Go-to Guide-book to share with one who finds Divorce face to face. Perhaps your neighbor, your sister, or your friend.

The journey of Divorce is highly complex.

We call it, “Divorce Dizziness”.
The Discovery, the Documents, the Details and the Delays.
Who can guide you?

Who knows?  Now what?

One who is well-equipped to help others.

Sara A.  I have lived it and learned it.  I still believe in marriage.  However, walking through the divorce process, I have learned key-insights to share.  I am here to share my smart lessons learned.

This book, with over 16 chapters of smarts, to help you think it thru.

Find out how-to make sure everything is considered.

To become well-informed.  With the potential to save thousands.

Sara A., The Divorce Insider.

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Plus Valuable Reference Tools:</br> 
“Over 25 Key-Areas of Concern”</br>
“The 30 Most-Costly Mistakes”
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A division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.
Plus Valuable Reference Tools:
“Over 25 Key-Areas of Concern”
“The 30 Most-Costly Mistakes”

Over 16 Chapters of Smarts

  1.  Guiding
  2.  Calendaring
  3.  Lawyering
  4.  Divorce Coaching
  5.  Learning the Divorce Process
  6.  Documenting
  7.  Organizing
  8.  Protecting
  9.  Calculating Finances
  10.  Researching
  11.  Parenting your Children
  12.  Setting-Up
  13.  Empowering
  14.  Forgiving
  15.  Don’t
  16.  Moving Forward

Plus, Valuable Reference Tools:

  • “Over 25 Key-Areas of Concern”
  • “The 30 Most-Costly Mistakes”


Book available in Hardcover, Paperback and EBook

BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com and also WestbowPress.com

Sara A., The Divorce Insider

Mediator, Author & Speaker



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Sara A.,

The Divorce Insider

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Mediator, Author & Speaker

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What Readers Are Saying

About "The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce"

In working with divorced persons over the years, your book is a must read for anyone finding themselves facing a divorce. A great how-to cope book.

Nick Phillips

Radio Show Host of The Advocate

If you are going through a divorce or even thinking about getting a divorce, I highly recommend The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce. As a counselor, I give this book to any of my clients facing the challenges of a divorce.

This book is a priceless resource for any woman facing the daunting challenges that the divorce process inevitably presents. Sara A. has done a superior job of writing a user-friendly, well organized guide… No woman needs to go through a divorce alone! With The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce, women now have a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that has the answers to all those questions that no one ever thinks to ask... until they are in the situation themselves!

I have a girlfriend who has been going through a divorce. I bought her your book. She said it has helped her understand so much and make decisions, she was clueless...


The author's message comes from a heartfelt place of experience, which lends a confident air of authority to this work. The chapters are on point, thoughtfully organized, and thoroughly researched. Having worked in this field for many years, I can tell you this book is a MUST-READ for any woman who is contemplating, or in the middle divorce, and a solid resource for moving forward post-divorce. The one thing this book addresses is the overall lack of ... clarity during the process, and what to expect next. The book helps with this crucial concern and helps the reader process and prepare for the next steps, and ultimately toward the best possible outcome.


...not only an easy read but very informative! Sara has helped others by giving excellent examples of guidelines to follow... great resources for outside help such as lawyers and counselors for support.


Great information. Being happily married for over 20 years I know very little about divorce. But I recently had a friend who sadly has found herself going through a divorce. She was caught way off guard. I immediately thought of Sara A. and her guide-book. I was so pleased to pass along a great tool to my friend as she goes through such a tough situation.